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2020 Extension To Original Coach House

This beautifully finished project was much more complex than can be seen from the photos.

The front of the original coach house had to be removed for the new extension to built at 90 degrees to the house. Given the age of the existing house the complete front of the original house had to be underpinned to support the weight of the steel frame required to join the two buildings.


The new extension was also had to be built off of a piled foundation because or poor ground conditions and a nearby stream.

All materials were chosen to be sympathetic with the original external fabric of the building.

Along with the extension to the original house, a new double garage was built with accommodation over and to the side of the garages.

Green Manor Building were in the early stages of construction when the Covid Pandemic hit, but were fortunate enough to be at a stage where work could continue outside subject to delivery of materials.


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